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Luxor by plane One Day Trip


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Luxor by plane One Day Trip

Luxor was called the City of the Hundred Gates or the City of the Sun and was previously known as Thebes. It was the capital of Egypt in the Pharaonic era, located on the banks of the Nile River , The rulers of the regions were buried there from the era of the Old Kingdom onwards, then the city of Thebes later became the capital of Egypt in the era of the eleventh Egyptian Dynasty at the hands of Pharaoh Mentuhotep I

During your trip to Luxor, you will visit the following archaeological sites:

Valley of the Kings (or Valley of the Pharaohs) is the famous city of the dead, where several generations of pharaohs were buried for five centuries

Queen Hatshepsut Temple. Queen Hatshepsut was the wife of Pharaoh Thutmose II, and after his death, she enlisted the support of the good priests, and assumed the throne in place of the legitimate successor - Thutmose III, ascended the throne and became one of the greatest women in the history of the world.

Abu Simbel (Temple of Ramses II). It is divided into two temples - the great temple dedicated to Ramses II himself and the deities Amun, and the small temple - the wife of Pharaoh Nefertari Merenmuth, represented by the image of the goddess Hathor

The Karnak Temple is the largest temple in the palace, with a total area of more than 80 hectares. The Karnak Temple is not a separate structure, but a whole complex of Pharaonic buildings

The cost

Adults pay; 

Children from 5 to 12 years old
Children under    years old - free.

Excursion program


For a flight available once a week, at 4:30 a.m., moving from the hotel to Sharm El-Sheikh airport in an air-conditioned bus, take off from Sharm el-Sheikh airport at 06:00 in the morning and arrive at Luxor airport at 0650 in the morning, tour guide and bus The air conditioner is waiting for you at Luxor Airport, after receiving you and boarding the bus, the guide begins by explaining the trip program and cultural information about Egypt from different eras from the Pharaonic era to the present day, the trip program, visiting the Valley of the Kings for two hours, visiting the Temple of Hatshepsut for an hour, visiting the Memnon statue for a period Half an hour, a boat tour in the Nile for thirty minutes, lunch in a restaurant on the Nile, a visit to the Karnak temple for two hours, a tour in Luxor with a visit to shops to buy gifts, at the end of the program, return to Luxor Airport, take off from Luxor Airport to Sharm El Sheikh Airport at the time 07:00 pm, arrival at Sharm el-Sheikh airport at 0750 pm, our representative will be waiting for you at the airport and then return to the hotel in an air-conditioned bus.

Travel days :


The tour price does not include (to be paid upon guest request):

Photo and video materials made by any photographer;

Any additional services not mentioned in the trip package


You should take with you:

Comfortable and clothes and shoes , water and your passport  

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