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Sunrise safari


Tour Overview



Sunrise safari



Feel the desert spirit with us on a safari in Sharm El Sheikh and go with your beach buggy

He took many photos in the desert and in the middle of the mountains

You will see the sunrise like you have never seen it before, enjoy the sunrise in the desert from the middle of the mountains

And since you are in Sinai, you should get to know the wonderful Sinai Bedouins, I assure you that they are very generous and they serve this well-known distinctive Bedouin tea that you will only taste from the Sinai Bedouins.


Travel days

We organize the excursion

The cost

Adults pay;
Children from 5 to 12 years old
Children under    years old - free.

Excursion program


We will pass and pick you up from your hotel at 5:30 in the morning, yes early so we want to catch the sunrise in the desert

The journey takes approximately two and a half hours. You will be taken from the hotel in an air-conditioned bus and head to the buggy Center in the desert, and there they will explain to you how to drive the Buggy with an explanation of all the instructions that must be adhered to, after that you will start your journey by driving the Buggy and starting with it in the desert with escort The guide, then you are hosted in the Bedouin tent to enjoy the known Bedouin generosity And enjoy the Bedouin tea that you all heard about

Then back to the buggy center and back to your hotel


The tour price does not include (to be paid upon guest request):


Photo and video materials made by any photographer;

Any additional services not mentioned in the trip package



You should take with you:


Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunglasses 

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