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The submarine in Sharm El Sheikh


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The submarine in Sharm El Sheikh


You cannot swim, but you want to see the Red Sea from the inside !!

With you children and you want to share with them that wonderful experience of diving in the Red Sea, but their age does not allow them to snorkel !!

Everyone hears about what the Red Sea contains from many wonderful different fish and coral reefs that you will not find in all seas of the world

Now you can make sure of this and you will see it with your own eyes without even getting your clothes wet

Travel days

We organize the excursion

The cost

Adults pay;
Children from 5 to 12 years old
Children under    years old - free.

Excursion program


We will pick you up from the hotel at the time specified in advance

You should know that the duration of the trip is about two and a half hours, with transfers to and from the hotel

The duration of the Excursion on the submarine is an hour and a half, moving from the hotel in an air-conditioned bus, heading to the port and boarding the submarine, the submarine crew welcomes you with a welcome drink, moving from the port and sailing to the Ras Mohammed reserve, which contains more than a thousand different types of fish and hundreds of forms of reefs The coral is the richest snorkeling area in the world, upon reaching the beginning of the Ras Mohammed reserve, you will be summoned to go down and sit down to enjoy watching the colorful fish and coral reefs for a full hour, the submarine provides each group with a guide to explain the types of fish and coral reefs and answer all your inquiries. After completing the period of watching the fish and coral reefs, go up and return to the port. An air-conditioned bus is waiting for you upon arrival at the port and back to the hotel.


The tour price does not include (to be paid upon guest request):


Photo and video materials made by any photographer;

Any additional services not mentioned in the trip package


You should take with you:


Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunglasses


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